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Become a sponsor and get thousands of visitors to your Neobux Referral banner
And promote other programs of your choice to thousands more!

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  • As low as $8.00 per LIFETIME sponsorship!

    Join the co-op for free, no registration required!

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    Co-op Statistics - 2013-08-11 21:42:17 (server time)
    Total Users: 14804
    Today's Active Users: 2926
    New Users Today: 38
    Active Sponsors: 1016
    Sponsor Ad Views: 1795386
    Referred Guide Visitors: 3974880
    NON-Referred Guide Visitors: 642351
    Open Sponsorships:   YES   
    Paid Advertising Cost:  $2576.09    (Proof!)
    Affiliate Commissions Paid:  $981.4
    MMOH Commissions Paid:  $26
    Referred Visitors CTR: 3.02% - (842 click-throughs / 27878 referred visitors today.)
    Free member guide visitors: 1313140
    Sponsor guide visitors: 3304088

    Join the Neobux co-op today and start getting free direct Neobux Referrals!

    Latest News

    Free members: submit your link, then promote the guide using your links generated for you to use. (you get the links after you submit your neobux id to the co-op) You keep 80% of the visitors you generate to the guide, and in exchange, we'll give you a 20% share of the co-op sponsored views generated!
    Sponsors: pay a small fee and get a larger share of paid advertising traffic to the guide with your ID in it. Keep 80% of your self promoted traffic, and the other 20% is shared with other sponsors only. Since sponsorships are limited, sponsors are guaranteed to get a much MUCH larger share of traffic from paid ads, organic search traffic, unclaimed free traffic of any source, etc.
    Click here for a simple explanation of the traffic split

    Alexa Traffic Rank for the GUIDE

    Explanation of member types:

    Active Free Members


    Requirement: Submit your link each week.

  • Receive 80% of self promotion traffic.
  • Share in 20% of "non-referred" / paid advertisment traffic with other active free members.
  • Requirement: Pay the subscription fee. NOT required to submit link each week!

  • Receive 80% of self promotion traffic.
  • Share in 20%o of all (free and sponsor) self-promotion traffic with other sponsors
  • Share in 80% of "non-referred" / paid advertisement traffic with other sponsors.

  • Notes: Submitting your link above will enable you to use your Neobux Referral ID with the guide. You must resubmit your link each week so that we know you are still an active Neobux member. We only want to send potential direct referrals to active users!

    Welcome to the Direct Neobux Referrals Co-op (founded May 19, 2013) is a cooperative effort by many Neobux members (though we are not affiliated with Neobux or their staff) who are committed to their own success as well as the success of others. Let's face it, one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of PTC sites is getting direct referrals. We thought of a better way to do it, and the best part is, it is free!

    There are several advantages to joining the co-op:
    • It is a free way to gain direct Neobux referrals
    • Direct Neobux referrals who join through our site are given solid education for how to be successful with Neobux. This means better quality referrals.
    • We run advertising campaigns that generate thousands of Neobux referral leads each day for our members!
    • Rather than promote a link to neobux, promote a link to a guide that has YOUR referral banner in it! It is much more effective in recruiting good DRs.

    How does the Neobux Referrals Co-op work?

    • Step 1 - Submit your Neobux Referral link above to join the program (FREE, no registration required!).
    • Step 2 - After you have submitted your, link, read THIS GUIDE to learn how to use your guide link to get new Direct Referrals.
    • Step 3 - Promote your link ( /index_r_NEOBUX_REFERRAL_ID.html ) - when people visit your link, the guide will display your Neobux referral ID!
    • NOTE - Remember that your link is only active for the guide for 7 days. You need to resubmit your link weekly in order to have your referral banners displayed.

    Promote the guide with your ID in it, this is a real screenshot sent to me!

    "2 more referrals today. 4 total now"
    Submitted C.B. [SPONSOR(x3)] on 2013-05-31

    What we do...

    We created a Neobux Strategy Guide at to educate new members and prospects on how to be successful with Neobux. The guide has referral banners in it. We understand that people who are educated about Neobux will be excellent Neobux referrals. When you share the guide with your referral ID, all of the banners in the guide will show YOUR Neobux Referral Banner!

    The reason that we require a weekly check in is so that we know you are still an active Neobux user. We do not want to send potential referrals to accounts that are not active or suspended!

    How much traffic will you get?

    That depends on you! The guide is a tool to help you get more conversions and better quality conversions.
    Additionally, 100% of the non-referred traffic is divided between co-op members.

    Here is how the traffic is split:

      Public Members:

      Members who refer people to the guide using their Neobux ID, but choose not to submit their link or become a sponsor, will get 80% of their self promotion traffic, and 20% is donated to the community. Public members are not eligble for the traffic share.

      Free members

      Members who submit their link, but fail to check in each week will be considered public members until they check in. This way, if you fail to check in, you still get 80% of your self promo traffic, but we do not send co-op traffic to you in case you quit using Neobux. Once you check back in, you will get 7 more days of the co-op traffic share.


      As long as you have an active sponsorship, there is no need to check in.
      Note: If you have 2 active sponsor ships, you get 2x the sponsor traffic, 3 sponsorships = 3x, etc...

    Members who submit their link each week and all sponsors with an current sponsorship get:

    • NON-REFERRED guide traffic:
      • 80% to sponsors
      • 20% to free members
    • REFERRED guide traffic:
      • If referred by free member...
        • 80% they get their own display
        • 20% it goes to a sponsor or free member
      • If referred by sponsor...
        • 80% they get their own display
        • 20% it goes to a different sponsor
    • Paid traffic by webmaster:
      • Same as NON-REFERRED

    Where does "non-referred" traffic come from?

    Several places really...
    1. Paid advertising that we run with sponsor funds
    2. Search engines
    3. When a free member shares the guide and does not re-activate their link each week, traffic to their guide link is considered "non-referred." When the member resubmits their link, the traffic is given back to them.
    4. PTC advertising on other non-Neobux networks
    5. When people share the guide without a referral ID

    What are some good types of places to share the guide?

  • How to Get Direct Referrals

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