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NeoBux Strategy
A beginner's guide to earning $2000+ per month with NeoBux.

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NeoBux Strategy + Automatic Direct NeoBux Referrals = MORE MONEY for YOU!

How to earn money - $2000+ per month with Neobux!

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. The First Two Weeks
  4. Renting Your First Referrals
  5. New!Join the Free Neobux Referrals Co-op!
  6. "We Are Sparta"
  7. Where to share
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. ources

This guide is for Neobux members.
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When I first learned about NeoBux 4 years ago, I thought it would be impossible to earn significant income when you only earn money a penny per click. I had no NeoBux education or NeoBux strategy and so I walked away from it. However, some time later I found an online NeoBux Strategy Guide that explained how to properly rent referrals and to begin to view NeoBux as a business not just a "paid to click" site.

In the following NeoBux Strategy Guide, I will share with you the basic principals of renting NeoBux referrals, how to manage your NeoBux referrals, how to have FREE Direct NeoBux Referrals added to your account automatically, and other NeoBux Tips & Tricks.

Established users may find some of the information trivial, but new NeoBux members will find most of the data critical to their success. Every NeoBux member should read the guide as I have developed solutions for many of the common issues that 'NeoBuxers' have.

Part 1: Getting Started

If you have not already signed up for NeoBux, click on any of the NeoBux banners within the guide or sign up here.

What is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a PTC (Paid To Click) service where members earn a small amount of money for viewing ads. It is 100% legitimate and NeoBux is possibly the #1 premier PTC site on the internet. Advertisers on NeoBux are fully aware that members are being paid to view the ads, so it is a fair system to all.

How do I earn money with NeoBux?

There are three basic streams of income from NeoBux:
  • Income from your personal actions on the site (viewing ads, doing mini-jobs, etc)
  • Commissions paid to you from RRs (Rented Referrals) - explained later in Part 3.
  • Commissions paid to you from DRs (Direct Referrals) - explained later in Part 4.
  • How much money can I make?

    If you are willing to put a small amount of time each day, and you follow this guide, you should be able to make well over $1,000 per month spending less than 30 minutes each day. Some users make several thousand dollars per month with the same time commitment. It will not happen overnight, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already reached by many of the NeoBux veterans.

    How do I get started?

    If you have not already signed up for NeoBux, click on any of the NeoBux banners within the guide or sign up here.

    NOTE: There is only a very slim chance that I (the author of this NeoBux strategy guide) will get you as a DR. This NeoBux strategy guide is not only educational, but also a tool I developed to help all NeoBux users get FREE Direct NeoBux Referrals. You will be able to participate as well, as I will explain later in Part 4.

    Something to think about... if you have 200 DRs but they are uneducated about NeoBux and quit, you won't make money from them! My goal is to help you acquire ACTIVE NeoBux referrals so that you make more money. Typically, educated referrals are active referrals!

    After you have signed up, continue to Part 2.

    Part 2: The First Two Weeks (1 Goal to complete)

    In my opinion, the first two weeks are "make it or break it" with NeoBux users. Sadly, a lack of education will cause many to leave, but you are in the right place to avoid missing out on this great opportunity.

    During the first 15 days, you are not eligible for DRs, so do not focus on that at all. Your ONLY focus should be:
  • Getting into the daily routine of viewing the ads assigned to you
  • Earning your first $0.60 so you can begin the referral rental process

  • It is critical that you view EVERY ad assigned to you during this period so that you can remove the limits from your account and be eligible for DRs as soon as possible. You need to be a member for 15 days and have 100 ad views to remove the limit.

    TIP: View ads by logging in and clicking the "View Advertisements" button at the top of your page.
    TIP: NeoBux has notifier toolbars for various internet browsers. They are not AdWare. They simply tell you your balance and when new ads are available.

    You are not going to earn much money during the first two weeks, that's a fact Jack.
    15 days * approx. $0.04 / day = $0.60 ... Trivial as it may seem, $0.60 is your 1st goal.

    Goal #1 - Earn $0.60
    TIP: If you are able to complete mini jobs, you can reach Goal #1 within a day or two!

    If you are interested in a small jump start and have even just a few dollars to invest into your new NeoBux business, there are instructions in Part #3. However, the 15 day requirement before you are eligible for DRs will still take (you guessed it) 15 days.

    Part 3: Renting Your First Referrals (3 Goals to complete)

    Congratulations, you just graduated from Kindergarten! It's a big deal to make it through the first 15 days. A lot of people quit before this point... and guess what, this is where the fun begins! You're gonna do just fine!

    Once you have at least $0.60 in your NeoBux account (even if the 15 days are not up yet), you have enough to rent 3 referrals. As mentioned above, you can "jump start" your business by investing a few dollars of your own and begin renting Neobux referrals sooner.

    Before you do, read this:

  • According to the TOS: "If you click at least 4 advertisements being a Standard / Pioneer member or you click at least 9 advertisements being a Golden member, you'll receive all clicks made from your referrals."

    In other words, if you do not click the 4 required advertisements, you won't earn money for your referrals for that day!

    TIP: The required ads are the "Standard Exposures" [Green] and "Fixed Advertisements" [Yellow/Gold] ... though you should always view every ad available anyway.

  • Goal #2 - Rent 3 referrals by clicking the "Referrals" button on your account home page.
    Goal #3 - Turn on "AutoPay" within the Referrals->Rented menu.

    (From the original guide I found)
    "Referrals cost 0.30 a month to maintain. Instead of paying for the referral, they will pay themselves as long as autopay is on. You get one penny less from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active. As a standard, you receive 0.005 per click from each RR."

    I prefer Autopay = Enabled because each day your referrals are active, they pay for themselves to be extended. This way, you do not need to worry about how much money to reserve for re-rental. Autopay is a must!

    TIP: There is a discount applied when using Autopay as well, yet another good reason to use it!

    Assuming your 3 rented referrals stay active, you will earn the following:
    3 RR * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 each = $0.06 / day
    Clicking ads assigned to you, still approx $0.04 / day
    For a total of $0.10 / day.

  • Within one more week you can rent 3 more referrals, and be earning $0.16 / day
  • The following week you will have enough to rent 5 more referrals (now you will have 11 RRs) for a total of $0.26 / day.
  • The week after that, you will have enough to rent 10 more referrals (now you will have 21 RRs) for a total of $0.46 / day.
  • At the end of the 4th week from when you rented your first RRs, you will have enough to rent 19 more referrals (now you will have 40 RRs) for a total of $0.84 / day.
  • And so on...

  • TIP: If a rented referral is inactive for 14 days, it will be replaced with a new one for free! (As you build your business, the 14 days can actually be lowered to 7 days)

    Continue viewing your assigned advertisements each day so that you can earn your rented referral income, and when you save up enough money to rent more referrals, get them! The more rented referrals you have, the more you will make. I recommend choosing a day of the week for rentals, and on that day rent as many as the funds in your NeoBux account can afford.

    Goal #4 - Continue until acquire 300 rented referrals
    Yes, It will take some time, but remember, you are building a business and passive income with just a small time commitment each day! It goes pretty fast since renting referrals increases your income, and increased income allows you to rent more referrals. Can you say "snowball effect?"

    TIP: 300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = $6/day ... It will take about two weeks to save up $90 for Part 5 .

    Once you have 300 referrals, stop renting and save up $90 in your NeoBux account. I will explain this more in Part 5.

    Join Neobux and get free direct referrals!
    Join now and start earning today!

    New! Part 4: Submit your referral link at www.neobuxreferrals.org and get Free DRs (1 Goal to complete)

    There are many ways to acquire DRs... YouTube, Facebook, word of mouth, forum signatures, AdWords, and a list of places towards the end of the guide! These are all valid and I encourage you to use any marketing skills that you have to promote your NeoBux business.

    New! Check out the new How to get Neobux Direct Referrals guide! It is filled with great info about how to get direct referrals.

    This guide can be a powerful tool for you to get free direct NeoBux referrals without spending money or much time getting them! Not only that, but NeoBux referrals that sign up using the guide are more likely to understand how to use NeoBux properly... this will make you more money and help them be successful as well. It's a win-win!

    Everyone who submits their link will get traffic to the NeobuxStrategy.org guide with their referral ID in it, and sponsors get a lot more without even promoting!

    Recent events... (refresh the page if it says 'Service Unavailable' since it is set to time out if the visitor is inactive) (5 second refresh)
    Co-op Statistics - 2013-08-22 03:45:35 (server time)
    Total Users: 15579
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    New Users Today: 11
    Active Sponsors: 1086
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    Affiliate Commissions Paid:  $1043.2
    Referred Visitors CTR: 8.24% - (311 click-throughs / 3772 referred visitors today.)
    Free member guide visitors: 1422620
    Sponsor guide visitors: 3490897

    Join the co-op for free, no registration required!

    TIP: You should do this as soon as your account is eligible for DRs!
    TIP: There is a lot of focus on rented referrals, but the people who make really good money make direct referrals a priority as well.

    Neobuxreferrals.org is a co-op where free members will have their NeoBux referral link included in this guide! It's a simple program and does not require registration.

    Once you add your link to the guide, your should promote the guide with your Neobux Referral ID... http://www.neobuxstrategy.org/r=NEOBUX_ID. The guide banners will show your link (but you have to submit your link to the co-op first for it to work... they do this to make sure that only active Neobux users get referred traffic.

    Rather than promoting just a referral link, now you can promote a proven money making strategy that will bring you good quality referrals. I use DownlineRefs.com to promote the guide as people on that site are looking for someting like this.

    Part 5: "We Are Sparta!" (2 Goals to complete)

    Now that you have 300 referrals, stop renting and save up $90 so that you can upgrade to Golden. Once you go Gold, you will double up your income nearly instantly since the payouts are 2x - 10x for your clicks and referral clicks!

    Goal #6 - Upgrade your account to Gold

    Here is your income before Golden:
    300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.005 per click = $6.00 per day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks)

    Here is your income after you go Golden:
    300 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per click = $12.00 per day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks)

    Once you've gone golden, begin renting referrals again. It's tempting to cash out, but you really want to get to the maximum number of RRs and DRs so that you earn as much as possible.

    Goal #7 - Build your RRs to 2000.
    Resume your rental process and acquire 2,000 RRs. This will not take too terribly long since by now you should be earning over $300 per month.

    2000 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0.01 per RR-click = $80/DAY (plus your DR-clicks and your personal clicks!).

    TIP: When you go Golden, you will have to view 9 ads per day instead of 4!
    TIP: Check out some of the "Golden Packs" to gain more benefits from being Golden.

    At this point you are a true Spartan of NeoBux! Once you have saved enough to buy golden packs, do it so you can rent more RRs and gain more benefits. By now, you will already be laughing all the way to the bank so enjoy your new side job!

    Part 6: Where to Share (2 Goals to complete)

    What are some good types of places to share the guide?

    New! Check out the new How to get Neobux Direct Referrals guide! It is filled with great info about how to get direct referrals.

    There are a lot of places you can promote your Neobux Strategy Guide link, or really any money making tool or site.

    I am going to recommend TWO places. If you sign up for me under these links, I will use the referral credits to promote the guide, co-op, and sponsored ads, etc.
  • AdHitProfits.com - When you purchase a directory listing for $45, you will earn about $56 back for it as a part of their awesome profit sharing system. Literally, you can get paid to promote your ideas!
  • The second place is the new advertsing service I am launching Mid-June 2013. Make Money Online How?. It is a new and clever approach to co-op advertising that also will allow you to earn money residually for promoting your currently used programs and tools, or new ones!

  • Final Thoughts

    Math is math, not magic.
    Mathematically speaking, the formulas used by NeoBux are set up for you to be successful, if you are committed to your own success. It is not difficult, but it takes diligence. Math does not lie, and it is not magic. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Promises and Guarantees.
    Life is full of people who will say anything to get what they want. Watch out for those people! NeoBux is not a get rich quick program, but you can certainly earn significant additional income if treated like a job/business. The examples used in this guide are accurate, however you should understand that not all of your RRs will give you 4 clicks everyday... some will give more, some will give less. So in that sense, the examples are accurate, but your experience will vary a little. Obviously I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will earn money with Neobux if you follow this guide!

    To recycle or not to recycle?
    Recycling inactive RRs is an option, but personally I feel the manual recycling is not cost efficient early on when the system auto-recycles for free. Read the resources section below for more info on various opinions and decide for yourself. Once you have an established income, manual recycling may be beneficial.

    Distribution of this Guide
    Copying and/or distributing this guide is prohibited. This is because the guide was also built as a tool to rotate new DRs NeoBux users who participate. However, if you would like to display the guide on your website, you may do so using IFrames ONLY so that referral links are still be managed and rotated within the guide.

    Suggestions for the guide?
    If you have suggestions for this guide, please email webmaster@neobuxstrategy.org


    Make Money Online How?

    NeoBux Strategy
    A beginner's guide to earning $2000+ per month with NeoBux.

    free neobux strategy guide
    Join now and start earning today!
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